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Silver Recovery X-Ray Fixer Machine

13 inches wide
24 inches long
20 inches high

26 pounds

Medical Innovations Inc. has been specializing in alternative medical waste and hazardous waste technologies since 1994.

Silver Recovery X-Ray Fixer Machine

  • Cost savings. Saving of up to 75% over hazardous waste hauling services.

  • Environmentally responsible. X-ray fixer that is untreated is an environmental hazard and can never be poured down the sink or drain.

  • Reduces the threat of costly ongoing liability. Under most state regulations and in legal case precedent the medical practice remains legally liable for hazardous waste produced onsite even after it has been removed and processed by licensed haulers. This exposure to liability can only be eliminated by waste neutralization onsite.

  • Improves infection control in the office. Instead of being stored in the office for weeks or even months, dangerous hazardous waste may be eliminated immediately. Hazardous waste must be eliminated on a regular basis which is determined by each individual state.

How it Works
The system can be connected directly to an automatic x-ray processing machine. It can also be used with a Peri-Pro unit or dip tanks. When an x-ray is processed the fixer solution is filtered and the silver remaining in the effluent from the canister can record as low as .2ppm. When operated with recommended flow rates and under a controlled canister exchange program, the machine will consistently remove the silver from photo-processing waste solutions to well below typically regulated discharge limits. The filtered fixer effluent can then be disposed of down the drain.

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