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Medical Waste Machine

10 inches wide
10 inches deep
18 inches high

14 pounds

Medical Innovations Inc. has been specializing in alternative medical waste and hazardous waste technologies since 1994.

Medical Waste Machine

  • Converts regulated medical waste into ordinary non-regulated waste. Medical waste must be eliminated on a regular basis which is determined by each individual state regulation. The neutralized waste is not bound by these regulations and can be thrown out with ordinary trash.

  • Reduces waste costs. Savings of as much as 90% per year for practices and facilities of all sizes. This system eliminates the need to resort to expensive licensed haulers and mail-back services.

  • Improves infection control.  The onsite storage of hazardous wastes for weeks or months awaiting removal poses a risk of infection, which can result in legal liability. Both of these risks are eliminated when wastes are immediately converted to ordinary waste.

  • Reduces the threat of costly ongoing liability. Under most state regulations and in legal case precedent the medical practice remains legally liable for medical waste produced onsite even after it is removed and processed by licensed haulers. This exposure to liability can only be eliminated by waste neutralization onsite.

  • Environmentally responsible. The waste never leaves the premises while hazardous and is reduced in size by 75% thereby substantially lowering its environmental impact. 

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How it Works

The sharps are either:
(a) Dropped directly into the locked Teflon-lined metal container, called the transporter which has a clear safety tube at the top for inserting the medical waste.
When the machine’s container is filled with waste to the indicated line, a few inexpensive special high temperature plastic discs are placed in the transporter.

(b) Dropped into disposable sharps containers When the disposable container's contents reaches the designated fill line, it is capped, locked and placed in the machine and one inexpensive indicator disc is added.

The machince is locked and switched on. During processing the waste and the machine's container are sterilized at very high temperature. Only at this very high temperature will the discs melt and encapsulate the waste, which will already have been physically destroyed by the heat. The plastic discs are not only the encapsulating medium but are also a bio-physical indicator that sterilization and destruction has occurred. The final result is a sterile unrecognizable amorphous block which has reduced in size by approximately 75% during sterization and encapsulation. This resultant block is non-regulated waste and can be disposed of in the regular trash receptacle.

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