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Medical Innovations Inc. has been specializing in alternative medical waste and hazardous waste technologies since 1994. We provide the finest long life and easy to use systems in the medical arena today. Our clientele includes:

  • Veterinarians

  • Dentists

  • Medical doctors (pediatricians, allergists, dermatologists, podiatrists, general practices, etc.)

  • Skilled nursing facilities

    Public health nurses (serving diabetics in their homes, seniors for flu vaccinations, students, etc.)

  • Small hospitals

  • Pharmacies

  • Ambulance services

  • Fire Departments

  • Industrial and retail companies with healthcare departments

  • Funeral homes

  • Prisons and correctional facilities

  • Biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies

  • Military and government facilities

  • Medical Imaging Centers

  • Photographic Labs and Centers

Our advantages over waste haulers and other waste alternatives include:
  • Tremendous long term financial savings.
  • Improved infection control.
  • Lower environmental impact.
  • The medical waste never leaves the site unsterilized.
  • Eliminates exposure to liability for wastes placed in a third party's hands for disposal.

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"...It reduced my overall medical waste by 90%...". Costs went from $500 a month to $800 a year.
- Jim Argir, Bethany Health Care Center referring to the Medical Waste Machine (McKnight's Long-Term Care News, May 2009, p. 18)
"...disposes of medical waste much more efficiently than traditional methods at significantly lower cost."
- Andrew Schuman MD, contributing editor in Contemporary Pediatrics speaking of the Medical Waste Machine.

Medical Waste Machine

The Medical Waste Machine converts the sharps (needles and syringes, blades, broken glass, blood glucose testing lancets) and other regulated medical waste into ordinary waste on site. No hazardous sharps leave the premises, thereby eliminating any potential liability. It also eliminates the expense and risk of using medical waste haulers and mail-in services. Tell me more...


Silver Recovery X-Ray Fixer Machine

The Silver Recovery X-Ray Fixer removes hazardous silver from x-ray and photo processing wastes on site. Due to the long life and the hazardous nature of silver in these waste solutions the untreated solution cannot be simply poured down the drain. This system eliminates this hazard and potential liability on site and allows the practice to avoid the costly alternative of resorting to a hazardous waste carrier. Tell me more...


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